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  • The Cut
    No matter where you’re planning to head this summer for a little R&R — the West Indies, Jackson Hole, Long Island, your own apartment with the AC on full blast — at some point, you’ll be tasked with preparing a very good playlist for takeoff. And when you do, make sure to throw Synead’s wavy “Tropicao” onto the mix two, three, maybe even four times. Trust me. Vacation won’t feel as joyful without it.
  • Teen Vogue
    Her debut single, “Tropicao” produced by Cabo Blanco and Broad City music supervisor Matt FX premiered on Beats 1 Radio. The track’s Caribbean influence is anchored by Synead’s Trinidadian roots and Dominican influences; its colorful chords and lush tones mesh with Synead’s strong but sweet vocals to create the perfect segue into spring and her blossoming music career — and the new video, premiering exclusively via Teen Vogue, is the ultimate visual representation of this.<br />
  • Outlet Mag
    The tropical sound comes as an ode to her homeland of Trinidad and Tobago, while mixing it with her soulful R&B voice and her pop vibes. Her vocals are on point throughout, unique to herself – we could all identify her voice no matter what she’s singing. This debut single just proves that Synead is destined for success, easily managing to creep inside your head; bringing that flavoured summer sound you’ve been waiting to hear.<br />
  • Saint Heron
    Get you someone who can do both is an understatement for newcomer Synead. The New York born artist has a passion for music, dance and activism, satisfying not only your ears and sight but necessity for change. Co-founder of the Millions March NYC, the young leader was honored by Teen Vogue and the NAACP for her commitment to service and leading the “most prominent anti-police brutality marches the city had ever seen.”<br />
  • Milk.XYZ
    When Synead was tasked with bringing her breezy new single, “Tropicao”, to the visual spotlight, the answer was simple: go back to her roots. Inspiration practically landed at her feet the moment they touched the ground in Trinidad—between car rides with her cousin, island reunions, and beach vibes for days, the track (produced by our personal faves, Cabo Blanco and Matt FX), immediately came to life on screen.<br />
  • C-heads Magazine
    “Tropicao was inspired by that need to love myself, to show appreciation for a culture that’s always kept me grounded, and to show people that it’s okay to be happy and live life. I think, especially times like this, that it’s easy to feel guilt when putting myself first, but in many ways I think that in itself is a form of activism, too.” True words of 25-year-old New York native singer and songwriter Synead.<br />
  • Even though it seems like Synead occupies two completely different spaces, she incorporates them both in her everyday life as an artist. She’s a multidimensional, creative individual making an impact on the world around her in any way, shape, or form that comes to mind.

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